Lego Toy Story Alien Space Ship

A stranger from the outside. OOOOOHHHHHHHH.

Greetings i am…

Set Name: Alien Space Ship

Set Number: 30070

Price: $3.99 USD

Theme: Toy Story

Minifigures: 1(Squeeze toy alien or Little Green Man(LGM for short)

Pieces: 29

Year of Release: 2010

Building time: Less than a minute

This is the latest Toy Story Promo featuring the Squeeze Toy Alien from the Toy Story Trilogy. The front of the poly bag features the Squeeze Toy Alien flying through space. This set was not in the third film even though it has the Toy Story 3 logo on it.

The Bag.

The back shows warning labels in different languages, where the parts were made in, and the Lego Club Logo.

To open the bag without completely ruining it use the middle of the back so the bag wont be in bad condition.

The pieces are pretty generic. No new pieces sadly.

The LGM’s head comes in its own bag.

The Minifigure.

For me the reason to get this set is the minifigure. Right now it is the cheapest way to get a LGM. The details of the Figure are pretty good. 3 thumbs up to The Lego Company!

Yes! There is backprinting! Simple but good.


The build is very fast( a minute or so). The instructions are made up in 8 steps. Half of the back is devoted to two of the Lego toy story sets, 7590 and 7593.

The Build.

Here’s the build in 4 pictures.


The spaceship with the LGM.

Extra pieces.


Design: 4/5 -The design of the spaceship seems to be mostly based off of  Buzz’s Star Command Ship.
Build: 3/5 – Fast build and very simple. Nothing hard to it.
Minifigs: 5/5 -It comes with a squeeze toy alien. Can it get any better than that?
Playability: 3/5 – The only play feature is that it is very Swooshable.
Parts: 4/5 – A decent amount of pieces. Some tiles and 2 lime green modified 1×1 with clip light, nothing to special.
Price: 4/5 -A dollar more than promos usually are. the price does help it be a army builder.
Overall: 5/5 – Its a pretty nice set. The minifigure is the highlight of the set. I wish the set could be available a little longer. The price could have been cheaper. Overall i recommend buying it.

To Infinity and Beyond!


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