Lego Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter

Its been 3 years since Lego first released a Grievous Starfigher. Will the original version be better than the 2010 version or will both models not be up to date?

Set Name: General Grievous Starfighter

Set Number: 8095

Price: $49.99 USD

Theme: Star Wars

Minifigures: 3 (General Grievous, Nahdar Vebb, and A4-D droid)

Pieces: 454

Year of Release: 2010

Building time:30-40 minutes

Front of the Box.

The front of the box shows the Grievous StarFighter detaching a bomb toward his enemy.

Back of the box.

The back of the box shows Grievous going back to his ”lair”  to either recover from a previous battle or plot against the republic.


The same image appears on the Box cover also.

Random building page.

Near the back of the instructions are computer animated pictures to advertise the Lego Clone wars sets from this year.

The inventory.

DSS (Dreaded Sticker Sheet)

The minifigures.

The Grievous minifigure is very awesome! So many details packed into one minifigure. I hate that A4-d has a sticker as a face. It will lower his value since stickers don’t seem to last a long time.

Yay!  There’s backprint in this set. Again, just look at all the details on Grievous. My only complaint on him is that his arms don’t form from two to four.

Comparing the 2007 Grievous to the 2010 version.

Image missing

Another look at Grievous just to show how awesome he is.

The Build. Part 1: Grievous ”Lair”

This part is very fast to build. The chair is nice but it seems like it was thrown into the set just to rank up the pieces. It’s great to see chrome lightsaber handles again after there disappearance for a couple of years.

The Build. Part 2: Grievous Starfighter

The sliding cockpit is a really good feature instead of having to lift the piece or detach the piece,  thumbs up to the designers!  You have to detach two out of four of Grievous arms so he can fit in the cockpit. Some other normal minifigures can fit in it as well.

The rear end of the starfighter. The fin can go down when the ship is in landing mode and can be pushed  up when the ship is not on ground.

On both sides of the ship are ”secret compartments” each that hold two lousy flickfire missiles.

The bottom of the ship isn’t as beautiful as the top. Theirs another ”secret weapon” underneath the ship that’s a bomb to drop on enemies.

A closeup on the bomb.

Both side wings can detach the main hull of the ship.

The Set altogether.

Extra Pieces.


Design:5/5 – The design on the starfighter looks pretty spot on to the original.
Build: 4/5 – The build was rather nice and had some techniques.
Minifigs: 4/5 – It would be 5 out of 5 if A4-D had a printed head and not a sticker. The Grievous minifigure is really accurate  except for the fact that his arms don’t detach into four.
Playability: 5/5 – Lots of playability in this set. Four flickfire missiles, a sliding cockpit, and it has a back fin for landing gear.

Parts: 4/5 – The Hyena Droid bombers legs come in Dark Bluish Grey which is pretty sweet. The printed cockpit is also good and there’s a healthy variety of Dark Bluish Grey.

Price: 4/5 -The price is somewhat fair. 11 cents per piece. Star wars is usually more expensive than the average Lego.

Overall: 4/5 -This set is an average star wars set. A decent design model. Some cool minifigures. The only letdown is A4-d has a sticker as a face. A Sticker! What was Lego thinking? But seriously I think this set is a worthy remake of the previous Grievous StarFighter.

Crush your enemies.


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