Lego Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue

Did Lego exist in medieval times? Let’s find out…

Set Name: Prison Carriage Rescue

Set Number: 7949

Price: $9.99

Theme: Kingdoms

Minifigures: 3 (1 King’s Knight, 1 Dragon’s Knight, and 1 King’s army soldier)

Pieces: 50

Year of Release: 2010

The Box.

Back of the Box.

The Inventory.


The instructions are very easy to follow.

Random building page.

The back of the instructions, on the left shows the Carriage in action and on the right shows the two kingdoms in battle.

The Minifigures.

The brand new helmet piece in the Kingdoms sets is very detailed and I’m glad Lego made such a piece.

The unicorn is actually a horse. The horses headpiece makes it look like a unicorn. The helmet part is two pieces.

The Build. The Prison Carriage

The completed set.

The prison part of the carriage can be easy to get out of for minifigures.

Extra Pieces.


Design:2/5 –The design of the prisonment part of the carriage is rather weak and needs some modding to it.
Build: 2/5 –Simple and no new techniques.
Minifigs: 4/5 – The selection of minifigures is pretty good. It’s good to get a King’s Knight in a cheap set. The accessories that are included are pretty cool, too. The Unicorn/Horse is a great add on also! One more Dragon Knight would have been good so that both sides in this set would have a fair ratio and would make it easy to build a larger army of these guys.

Playability: 2/5 – Not much to do in this tiny set. All you can do is go after the Dragon Knight, battle the Dragon Knight, and save the King Soldier.

Parts: 3/5 – There are Dark Green pieces, the unicorn helmet, and Golden cheeseslopes which I find to be lovely! Other than that most of the other pieces aren’t that great.

Price: 2/5 -The piece per price ratio isn’t that good in this set. The set should have been sold at $7 and not $10.

Overall: 4/5 -This set makes a good army builder to any Kingdom collectors.

Who will win?


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