Lego Bionicle Mata-Nui

Set Name: Mata Nui

Set Number: 8989

Price: $12.99 USD

Theme: Bionicle (Glatorian Legends)

Minifigures: 0

Pieces: 52

Year of Release: 2009

Building time: About 3 minutes

After 9 years of waiting Lego has finally released an official Mata-Nui. Many fans will (hopefully) enjoy this set.

The Container.

The back of the canister shows the rest of the 2nd wave. The Bionicle Legend Reborn Movie has a advertisement for it on the back of the top right of the canister. It also has a Choking label and the Bio Code: M74NUI. The bio code can be used here.


The image on the instructions are the same as the front of the canister.

Random picture of the Building Process.

Near the end of the manual there are instructions on how to battle against  a Glatorian. Every time you hit the enemy’s canister it brings there life down 1 point. Every time you hit the enemy it brings there life 2 points down. You can use the Life Counter on the back of the Glatorian to keep track on how much life they have left.

The parts page.

Advertisements for Bionicle The Legend Reborn which is available on DVD and you can join the Lego Club Magazine for free.

The very back of the instructions shows that you can enter to win a  Lego product.

The parts.

The Build.

Here’s Mata Nui before he has armor and weapons. The shape of the figure is starting to build. At this stage he looks like a skeleton.

Here he is with some armor and weapons.

He now has all of his weapons and armor. Almost complete, he just needs his mask.

I’m ready for my closeup.

The back of Mata Nui.

You have to squeeze the Thornax Launcher in order to shoot at targets in range.

1 extra part.

Size comparison.

You can see that Mata Nui stands Tall to the Lego Flashlight and average minifigure. Though the Bionicle Inikas stand taller than Mata Nui.

Mata Nui can be stored back in his canister with a few pieces removed from him.


Design: 3/5 – A few simple changes to the armor, mask and weapons to make each Bionicle stand out. While moving his arms around his shoulder, his armor can whack his  head which does get annoying after a while.
Build: 4/5 – This build will be familiar to other Bionicle sets and will make you at home while building this set.
Playability: 5/5 – He’s an action figure, ’nuff said.

Parts: 4/5 Some useful mocing  parts that Bionicle fans will like. His head comes in Gold in set 8998.

Price: 2/5 – He only comes with 52 parts and is charged at $13. The price should be lowered due to the lack of parts.

Overall: 4/5 –Even though the price is expensive and there’s some design flaws, he is a must have for collectors and those who have been waiting for  Mata Nui to finally be released as a set.


Here’s the Main Star of The Legend Reborn signing his DVD to a fellow fan.


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