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Lego Collectible Minifigure Series 2

Set Number:8684

Price: $1.99 USD per packet, $119.99 USD per box

Theme: Collectible Minifigure Series 2

Minifigures: 1 per pack

Pieces: Varies on each minifigure

Year of Release: 2010

Building time: It takes longer to open the packaging than it does to build the figure.

As you can see the Collectible minifigures each come in their own polybag.  There are 16 unique figures per series. Some are more common than others.For example, there will be 5 traffic cops per box whereas there are 3 spartans per  box. Each figure offers something magnificent that everyone will enjoy. Each box of figures contain 3 complete sets and 12 random spares.

(Note: I forgot to include in half of the pictures the 3×4 display tile that each minifigure comes with.)

Each packet has a barcode on the back. In North America, the special barcode is on the right. The rest of the world has the special barcode on the left. These special barcodes can be used to identify each specific minifigure. Both series 1 and 2 have barcodes. It has been said that series 3 will carry no barcodes. The barcodes can be found via 1 and Series 2). Series 2 can be found at various places like Cosco, Target, Lego (in store or online), Toys r us, Independent Toy stores, Walmart, Argos, and many other stores.

(Note: The barcode above is the spartan(North America version) barcode.)

Lego even provided instructions to show how the minifigure is built. These instructions make it harder to feel a bag for those without the barcodes.

The other side of the instructions shows the whole group of 16 from series 2. There bios can be found on the official Lego website, Link.

According to Lego the official names of each figure are:

From Left to right.

Row 1:  Mariachi ,Spartan warrior ,Ringmaster, and Witch

Row 2: Vampire ,Traffic Cop, Explorer, and Lifeguard

Row 3:Mime, Weightlifter, Popstar, and Skier

Row 4:Disco Dude, Karate Master, Surfer, and Pharaoh

The first figure of the series will be the one that’s most popular…

The Spartan

The most unique and highly anticipated figure from this series. I give you the Spartan.

Just looking at him makes you want to yell ”This is Sparta!”(300).

Sadly, the Spartan and the rest of the figures in this series have no backprinting. On the upside, the spartan does have side print. Many collectors will want to build armies of this guy. There are no extras with the Spartan.

The Skier

Up next is the Skier. Three new pieces are featured with this guy. You could make a whole skiing Olympics with this minifigure. Of course though they would all be number 211. The skier comes with an extra ski pole.

The ski boards are brand new and fit minifigures much better than the old ones.

Both of the ski boards can fit into one minifigure hand.

The Surfer

Let’s catch a wave with the Surfer, dude. The surfer also comes with an updated piece to fit minifigures, the surfboard. He also has side prints for his pants.  I really do like this new hairpiece that was introduced in series 1, it really makes him look like a surfer. There are no extras with the surfer.

Surfing the ”wave”.

The mime

Lets hit the streets of Paris with the Mime figure. He comes in a black and white format to draw a world without sound. He comes with 3 faces to express Happiness, Sadness, and Fear. Definitely a must have for City collectors. The mime even has a black beret which can be used as an artist minifigure, hopefully, series 4 will have an official artist. The mime has no extras.

The Popsinger

Go head backstage with the singer. The new microphone will be a great add on to Rock concert, tv shows etc. She also has a new hairpiece in light orange. Hopefully in a future series there will be a Guitar player to go along with the singer to make a full rockband! She comes with an extra microphone.

The back of the hairpiece.

The Weightlifter

Lets head to the gym with the weightlifter. He comes with 2 new elements. A black 3L bar and 2 weights that can be attached to the bar. Surprisingly he has no muscle armprint. He has no extras.

The Karate Master

Ready to learn karate with the Karate Master! Hi-yah! He has Count Dookus hair in black. He also has a minifigure award which can be used for award ceremonies. He comes with an extra minifigure award.

(Note: each karate master only has 2 minifigure awards.)

Disco Dude

Shake it down on the dance floor with Disco dude. He comes with the series 1 clowns hairdo in black. He also has a Brick fever 2×2 album. He reminds me of Disco stu from The Simpsons. There are no extras.

The Traffic Cop

There goes the Traffic Cop in High speed pursuit. This minifigure has only one somewhat new piece, a oversized 1×2 ticket tile. The helmet appears in Space Police III. The handcuffs also are from the City police sets. He comes with one extra Handcuff.

The Witch

Look its the Wicked Witch of the west. The witch has a decorated 2x2x3 slope as legs, has a black hat, and a slime face. She appears to be inspired by the Wizard of oz. There are no extras.

The Vampire

Look out for the blood sucking vampire! The vampire comes with an awesome cape which is a little complicated on how it is attached to the vampire. He also has a miniature bat. A must have for horror fans. The torso looks like an excellent use for a suit. There are no extras.

The LifeGuard

There goes the lifeguard saving another person from drowning. She comes with the Agents hairpiece in blond and also has a new flotation piece. She goes along with the surfer for a Beach moc. There are no extras.

The Ringmaster

The ringmaster uses his white whip to keep the Lion back.  He comes with a Prince of Persia whip in white though. The torso seems to have some use as a tuxedo or a clown figure. He has no new pieces.

The Explorer

The explorer wanders the forest look for lost artifacts. The explorer has a magnifying glass that appears to have a different design in the lens part, maybe to discourage kids from splitting the piece into two? He comes with an extra binocular.

The Pharaoh

The mighty Pharaoh sits in his throne watching another pyramid be built. This figure has a decorated crown and a new serpent staff. He will be a great add on to the Pharaohs Quest theme next year. He has side leg print.There are no extras.

The Mariachi

And finally last but not least we have the Mariachi figure. He comes with 2 brand new pieces which are the maracas and his sombrero, he also has a new cloth design. There is no torso print on this figure. The mariachi figure comes with an extra maraca.

The cloth is made up of two pieces that go in the front and back.


Design: 5/5 –The printing is absolutely awesome  and can be used in different themes. All of the new accessories are very useful. You can’t find these designs in other sets which make these  highly collectible.

Parts: 4/5 There are many unique parts that can be integrated into mocs. Most of the parts these figures come with, are special to this series only.

Price: 5/5 – A cheap reasonable price for a cool minifigure.

Overall: 5/5- I highly recommend this series for all Lego collectors. Unique elements, cheap prices, and special one of a kind minifigures. What is there not to like about it? There great for adding on to the minifigure population. I really  recommend to get this series complete or at least a few you would want.


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Lego Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue

Did Lego exist in medieval times? Let’s find out…

Set Name: Prison Carriage Rescue

Set Number: 7949

Price: $9.99

Theme: Kingdoms

Minifigures: 3 (1 King’s Knight, 1 Dragon’s Knight, and 1 King’s army soldier)

Pieces: 50

Year of Release: 2010

The Box.

Back of the Box.

The Inventory.


The instructions are very easy to follow.

Random building page.

The back of the instructions, on the left shows the Carriage in action and on the right shows the two kingdoms in battle.

The Minifigures.

The brand new helmet piece in the Kingdoms sets is very detailed and I’m glad Lego made such a piece.

The unicorn is actually a horse. The horses headpiece makes it look like a unicorn. The helmet part is two pieces.

The Build. The Prison Carriage

The completed set.

The prison part of the carriage can be easy to get out of for minifigures.

Extra Pieces.


Design:2/5 –The design of the prisonment part of the carriage is rather weak and needs some modding to it.
Build: 2/5 –Simple and no new techniques.
Minifigs: 4/5 – The selection of minifigures is pretty good. It’s good to get a King’s Knight in a cheap set. The accessories that are included are pretty cool, too. The Unicorn/Horse is a great add on also! One more Dragon Knight would have been good so that both sides in this set would have a fair ratio and would make it easy to build a larger army of these guys.

Playability: 2/5 – Not much to do in this tiny set. All you can do is go after the Dragon Knight, battle the Dragon Knight, and save the King Soldier.

Parts: 3/5 – There are Dark Green pieces, the unicorn helmet, and Golden cheeseslopes which I find to be lovely! Other than that most of the other pieces aren’t that great.

Price: 2/5 -The piece per price ratio isn’t that good in this set. The set should have been sold at $7 and not $10.

Overall: 4/5 -This set makes a good army builder to any Kingdom collectors.

Who will win?

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Lego Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter

Its been 3 years since Lego first released a Grievous Starfigher. Will the original version be better than the 2010 version or will both models not be up to date?

Set Name: General Grievous Starfighter

Set Number: 8095

Price: $49.99 USD

Theme: Star Wars

Minifigures: 3 (General Grievous, Nahdar Vebb, and A4-D droid)

Pieces: 454

Year of Release: 2010

Building time:30-40 minutes

Front of the Box.

The front of the box shows the Grievous StarFighter detaching a bomb toward his enemy.

Back of the box.

The back of the box shows Grievous going back to his ”lair”  to either recover from a previous battle or plot against the republic.


The same image appears on the Box cover also.

Random building page.

Near the back of the instructions are computer animated pictures to advertise the Lego Clone wars sets from this year.

The inventory.

DSS (Dreaded Sticker Sheet)

The minifigures.

The Grievous minifigure is very awesome! So many details packed into one minifigure. I hate that A4-d has a sticker as a face. It will lower his value since stickers don’t seem to last a long time.

Yay!  There’s backprint in this set. Again, just look at all the details on Grievous. My only complaint on him is that his arms don’t form from two to four.

Comparing the 2007 Grievous to the 2010 version.

Image missing

Another look at Grievous just to show how awesome he is.

The Build. Part 1: Grievous ”Lair”

This part is very fast to build. The chair is nice but it seems like it was thrown into the set just to rank up the pieces. It’s great to see chrome lightsaber handles again after there disappearance for a couple of years.

The Build. Part 2: Grievous Starfighter

The sliding cockpit is a really good feature instead of having to lift the piece or detach the piece,  thumbs up to the designers!  You have to detach two out of four of Grievous arms so he can fit in the cockpit. Some other normal minifigures can fit in it as well.

The rear end of the starfighter. The fin can go down when the ship is in landing mode and can be pushed  up when the ship is not on ground.

On both sides of the ship are ”secret compartments” each that hold two lousy flickfire missiles.

The bottom of the ship isn’t as beautiful as the top. Theirs another ”secret weapon” underneath the ship that’s a bomb to drop on enemies.

A closeup on the bomb.

Both side wings can detach the main hull of the ship.

The Set altogether.

Extra Pieces.


Design:5/5 – The design on the starfighter looks pretty spot on to the original.
Build: 4/5 – The build was rather nice and had some techniques.
Minifigs: 4/5 – It would be 5 out of 5 if A4-D had a printed head and not a sticker. The Grievous minifigure is really accurate  except for the fact that his arms don’t detach into four.
Playability: 5/5 – Lots of playability in this set. Four flickfire missiles, a sliding cockpit, and it has a back fin for landing gear.

Parts: 4/5 – The Hyena Droid bombers legs come in Dark Bluish Grey which is pretty sweet. The printed cockpit is also good and there’s a healthy variety of Dark Bluish Grey.

Price: 4/5 -The price is somewhat fair. 11 cents per piece. Star wars is usually more expensive than the average Lego.

Overall: 4/5 -This set is an average star wars set. A decent design model. Some cool minifigures. The only letdown is A4-d has a sticker as a face. A Sticker! What was Lego thinking? But seriously I think this set is a worthy remake of the previous Grievous StarFighter.

Crush your enemies.

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