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Lego City Toys R Us Delivery Truck

Here comes the Toys R Us truck to make its latest delivery of Lego Sets to Toys R Us.

Set Name: Toys R Us delivery truck

Set Number: 7848

Price: $39.99 USD

Theme: City

Minifigures: 3 (Truck Driver, Clerk, and Child customer)

Pieces: 356

Year of Release: 2010

Building time: About 20-30 minutes

The Box.

The front of the Box shows a fresh delivery of toys being dropped off at Toys R Us.

Back of the Box.


Random building page.

Parts List.

Back of the instructions.

The Minifigures.

This set comes with 3 minifigures: A Toys R Us Clerk, Truck Driver, and a Customer. The Truck Driver is the same as 3221.

The Child Customer is the only one with backprinting.

DSS( Dreaded Sticker Sheet as some people call it)

As you can see, the sticker sheet includes stickers for The Truck, The Store, and the Lego sets. There are only 3 pieces in the set that are printed( 2 monitors and 1 KeyBoard).

Note: I won’t be putting any stickers on the store or truck.

Part 1: The Store

The Yellow door frames are new to this set. Also the Teddy bear only appears in this set and the Bellvile 2007 Advent Calendar.

The sign on the front of the store uses 2 2×2 and 1 2×4. Each tile gets its own sticker. It would have been better if Lego had printed the Toys R Us sign instead of using stickers which take time to adjust as one whole sign whereas printed tiles would have been easier to use.

Back of the store. The 1×2 transclear panels look very good as shelves. The yellow 4×6 plates are held up by a 1×4 headlight piece.

The Build. Part 2: The Truck

Inside the Truck.

The storage part of the truck.

The Set altogether.

Extra Pieces.


Design: 4/5 – The Truck is based off of the Lego Truck. The store design is small but a good simple add on. The Storage part of the truck uses telescopes to keep it from crashing to the ground when it detaches from the Front of the Truck.
Build: 3/5 – The build is not hard at all. Only the front of the truck will take the longest to build.
Minifigs: 3/5 – Average ordinary City Civilians. No brand new minifigure parts. The set could’ve used a couple of more Lego kids.
Playability: 4/5 – You can load the truck up with toys, ”drive” it to the Toys R Us store, Deliver the toys, and the Lego kids can buy them. The truck  even comes with a bed and monitor for the truck driver which is a nice add on also.
Parts: 4/5 –  There’s a handful of good parts in the set. You get about 10 wall panels which can be quite useful for larger mocs.
Price: 3/5 -The price is fair enough since A its a exclusive which makes the set price go higher and B its the usual Price per Piece ratio.
Overall: 4/5 –The set is not a must have. But if I had to choose between getting the Lego Delivery Truck or the Toys R Us Delivery Truck I would go with the Toys R Us one. The Toys R Us Store is the reason that makes the set better than the other Lego Truck. Hopefully in the near future Lego will release a set of an official Lego store.

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